‘Take it to the grave’ – Book One of the WONDERLAND crime series

I just had to share this with you. It’s so good, it’s unfair not to reveal it to the world. 🙂


As a writer in the digi-age, I know how important a great cover is. Not only to the success of the book, but also to the potential reader. There is a tsunami of books out there and if you’re to stand out from the rest of them, it is imperative that you get this bit right. Also, as a writer in control of their own career, you get the choice of a cover that reflects your work.

Personally, I always get my covers in advance – not just for promo – to inspire me. When I am writing a book, having a cover that feels right seems to act as a kick-starter for my muse. Sometimes, it needs a boot up the butt! 😉

Thanks go out to the designer on this one. Debbie at The Cover Collection. It was a pre-made cover and after a few (and very rapid) tweaks, we ended up with something that I consider perfect. Perfect for me, perfect for the book and most of all, perfect for the reader. The whole experience with Debbie was seamless and I would recommend her to any writer looking for a professional and affordable cover design service.

I guess there is only one thing for it. I’d better get on and write the damn thing! 😉


Oh and as we’re in the mood for dishing out out teasers, here’s the opening chapter of TAKE IT TO THE GRAVE…           

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 14.45.41


One thought on “‘Take it to the grave’ – Book One of the WONDERLAND crime series

  1. Love the book cover. Seems like a lot of hard work went into it. I am loving the first couple of lines of the book too. I cannot wait to see more and I will be picking this up when you get it out, great work.

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